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              Jobs and Careers

              CNOOC firmly believes that employees are the most valuable resource for our sustainable development and upholds the “People-oriented and Caring for Employees” concept. The Company fulfills its responsibilities to employees, respects their legal rights and interests, facilitates their professional development, improves their working environment, cares for their physical and mental health, and promotes the integration of local and foreign employees to achieve common development of the Company and its employees.

              The Company adheres to the principle of “Gender Equality and Equal Pay for Equal Work”, and treats the employees equally, regardless of race, nationality, faith, gender, age, marital status and special legal protection.

              CNOOC strictly complies with the applicable laws and policies of the jurisdictions where it operates, and on basis of the principles including marketization of recruitment, monetization of allocations and socialization of benefits, gradually forms a normalized salary and benefits mechanism by building a distribution system which matches the market mechanism and is closely connected to value contribution.

              CNOOC provides employees with equal and open environment and clear access for career development. Based on the characteristics of professions, the Company has designed three career development accesses including management, technology and operation personnel, besides establishing a training system with respect to selection, training, assessment and promotion & certification, so as to improve personal professional ability and work performance step by step in a planned manner.

              The Company actively promoted the learning organization constructions, encouraged employees to set up the concept of lifelong learning, improved the talent training system at various levels and stages, innovated training and increased training investment systematically, and created a platform for ability building and potential development for employees.