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              Engineering & Technical Service

              The engineering & technical services segment is the solid foundation for the sustainable development of the oil & gas business. The Company adheres to cost reduction and efficiency enhancement through safe, quality and efficient operation, promotion of management and strengthening of risk control. The sector highlights technology innovation, enhances equipment and operation capacity, and continuously improves international competitiveness and influence.

              China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL) has decades of experience in serving offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production and has become one of the largest comprehensive offshore oilfield services providers in the world. Its business includes geophysical prospecting, well drilling, oilfield technology and ship. With the most powerful offshore oil service equipment group in the Asia-Pacific region, COSL provides sole business operation services as well as integrated packaged turnkey operation services. Its business expands to six major areas including the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe, Africa and the Far East and covers over 30 countries and regions in the world.

              Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) is engaged in engineering services for offshore oil and gas and LNG, following the principle of cost reduction, efficiency and service improvement and working steadily and meticulously in the whole process of projects. It is making efforts to build the leading general contracting capacity of offshore oil engineering EPCI (engineering, procurement, construction, installation) in the Asia-Pacific region.

              CNOOC EnerTech is dedicated in building an internationally competitive energy technology service company, which places energy services at the core and develops diversified industries in a coordinated way, with the integration of technological research and development, manufacturing and professional technical service. CNOOC EnerTech aims to be an innovative enterprise with one-stop service and sustainable development ability. Its business covers most links from upstream to downstream of the oil and gas industrial chain and is formed with four core business segments including energy technical services, FPSO production technical services, energy logistics services and HSE and energy saving services.