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              CNOOC attaches great importance to employees’ physical and mental health, commits itself to creating safe production environment for its employees through scientific management and efficient methods, and devotes to providing society with higher quality products and marketing services in safe, efficient and environment-friendly manners, so as to contribute its values to achieve sustainable development of society and environment.

              Quality Management

              CNOOC adheres to the directives of “People-oriented, Safety First, Honest and Law-abiding, Reinforcing Foundation, Innovation-driven and Winning with Quality”, pursues the quality management objectives of “satisfying clients by excellent and leading operation”, implements the national strategy of “building a powerful country by high quality development”, carries out the quality improvement actions in an all-round way, identifies quality risks comprehensively, improves the quality management system, cultivates the quality culture and continuously improves product, engineering and service quality.

              Occupational Health

              Adhering to the “People-oriented” philosophy of QHSE, CNOOC always puts the physical and mental health of its employees at the forefront. We unremittingly strengthen the occupational health management, focus on the identification, analysis, evaluation and control of occupational disease hazard factors in workplaces, actively improve the operation environment and popularize occupational health promotion activities, so as to ensure the safety and health of the employees in an all-around way.

              Operational Safety

              CNOOC puts operational safety as the base and lifeline of its sustainable development. Adhering to QHSE’s core value of “Safety First, Environment Foremost, People-oriented and Equipment Intact”, CNOOC constantly improves its safe production support system, enhances safety management in areas of personnel, production process and emergency response, and strives to build the inherent safety.

              Safety Culture

              CNOOC always advocates “Safety Standard Behaviors” and on-site operation behavior guidance of “Five Do’s and Five No-nos”. The Company carried out a variety of publicity and educational activities to continuously build the CNOOC-specific safety culture conforming to the core concept of “People-oriented, Execution and Intervention”.

              Safe Production

              Based on the QHSE management system, CNOOC constantly intensifies key preventions and controls, works hard to provide safer working environment for its employees and contractors and build the first-class capability of safe production management.

              Emergency Management

              Based on hazard identification and risk analysis, CNOOC constantly improves the emergency management system, develops major accident scenarios construction, explores the way of integrating the ICS system into the existing emergency plans, carries out antiterrorism investigation on risks and hidden dangers in the whole group and puts into practice the Rules for Terrorism Prevention in Offshore Oil and Gas Production Facilities.

              CNOOC keeps good performance in Typhoon warning and emergency disposal, and continuously improves its emergency response capability.