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              Environmental Protection

              CNOOC has carried out the principle of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Sharing” and practiced the idea of “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains are Invaluable Assets”. We integrate environmental protection into the whole business and strive to reduce the impact of enterprise production and operation on the environment in order to achieve the harmonious development between man and nature, and provide more quality energy products to meet people’s growing needs of the beautiful ecological environment.

              Tackling Climate Change

              As a responsible energy corporation, CNOOC has actively responded to the Paris Agreement and climate change. The Company focuses on building a clean and low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, continues to build an all-around low-carbon management system and strives to achieve the wonderful vision of “Our High Quality Energy for Clear Water and Blue Sky”.

              Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

              As an advocator and practitioner of low-carbon economy, CNOOC always adheres to green, low-carbon and circular development philosophy and takes energy conservation and emission reduction as important approaches to transform the development pattern and enhance core competitiveness, actively takes part in the environmental governance and implements commitment on emission reduction.

              Ecological Protection

              As a proactive advocate and practitioner for the protection of marine ecological environment, CNOOC always attaches great importance to the protection of biodiversity in the area surrounding the operation zone. Environment protection is the Company’s unwavering commitment during all phases of a project life cycle. In order to maintain a harmonious balance between the economy-centered projects and ecological environment, the Company makes it a point to pre-assess environmental risks, so that it can identify the environmentally sensitive targets in the vicinity of the projects and avoid environmental risks.

              In addition, through the platform of CNOOC Marine Environmental and Ecological Protection Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CNOOC Welfare Foundation), the Company have actively committed itself to the ecological diversity research and protection projects, promoting resource restoration and environment improvement in the area where the projects are located and establishing characteristic projects, such as protection of largha seal and enhancement and releasing, and makes great efforts to create better ecological conditions for building a beautiful China.